What is Eco-Run Kayak?

Do you know, regardless overall cleanliness of Saimaa, local waters and shore line, there are many plastic waste and other trash is getting annually there?

A waste which is getting to a water is oftenly washed out ashore by wind or current.  About 80% out of total waste washed out ashore is plastic waste, 20%- other trash aluminum cans, glass etc.

Have-fun, act for ecology.

Eco-Run Kayak is a possibility of preventing pollution and to protect a regional Nature Geo sites, cities etc. from harmful impact of plastic and other wastes. Eco-run is none-commercial project. Means- Yes, it’s Free of Charge.

We announce fishing for plastic…and surely other types of waste also)

  • Book your time, take a kayak from us
  • Spend your time on paddling, meanwhile collecting plastic and other waste in local waters, shoreline, wherever.
  • Post your eco-run #ecorunkayak and that’s it, you made this world a bit better. Tell family, friends.

Minor acts sum up into great benefits.

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